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Lawn Care Birmingham AL | Lawn Service Birmingham AL
Birmingham Lawn Care

Lawn Care Birmingham AL

American Tree wants you to have a greener, healthier, weed free and insect free lawn with the best lawn care program available.

Our lawn care Birmingham AL services include:

PH Testing Fertilization Pre and Post Weed Control Aeration
Insect and Disease Control (including grub and ant control Over Seeding References for Mowing Services Landscape Bed and Natural Area Weed Control

Your Lawn Service Birmingham AL Program:

  • Seasonal lawn fertilization and weed control based on your lawn’s needs.
  • Lawn care services and applications every month.
  • A visibly greener and more weed free lawn.
  • A valuable picture of your lawn’s health needs covering issues like:
    -  Grass and soil types
    -  Thatch and turf density
    -  Shade and sun exposure
    -  Mowing and watering
    -  Grassy and broadleaf weeds
    -  Insects
  • A beautiful, healthy lawn you and your family can enjoy, with more time to enjoy it.

Birmingham Lawn Care

American Tree is locally owned and operated and we want our part of the world to look the best that it can! If your looking for Birmingham lawn care that can’t be beaten contact us today.

Lawn services should improve your lawn, landscape and home. Our lawn care Birmingham AL services help extend your home life to the outdoors, protect your family from health concerns and even increase the value of your home. Professional Lawn care should take worry off your shoulders by delivering what you want and need to have a fantastic landscape. With American Tree Maintenance, you’ve found local lawn service professionals who can handle all of your property needs.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Our lawn care pre-emergent weed control applications prevent many grassy type weeds from taking root in your lawn and stops the problem before it starts. This is a time-sensitive treatment and needs to be applied before the growing season to ensure its effectiveness. Once applied, an invisible protective layer stops weed-seeds from germinating. Call us today to have one of our qualified lawn care experts provide you with a FREE consultation on all of our weed control applications!

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Post-emergent weed controls takes care of weeds after they have sprouted and eliminates them before they cause deficiencies in your lawn and landscape plants. Dandelions are a good example of a weed controlled by post-emergent controls. Unless weeds are extensive, we normally spot treat for these types of weeds. For more information on our post-emergent weed control program, call the lawn care specialists at American Tree Maintenance today!

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